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Development of new Educational System

We always talk about the educational system being so rotten that it is of no use. On the other hand, everyone who achieved significant success encourage new educational institutions to be opened and promote them!

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”


What we think of Grades is EVIL

Whenever we start talking about our Educational System we think of grades all the time. Grades/Rank/Marks as the mean of measurement of how much you understand things, how much you sit down to study, or the very basic it is the status quo of being called INTELLIGENT! Yes, if you want to be called brilliant you need to score around 90% or more. In some schools, even 90% is considered as a bad percentage.

It’s true that only 10% or so write well in the exam and are the one who gains such grades to be called brilliant. What we need to understand is that the pressure that is put on the majority of students who fail to achieve this much of rank are disregarded and are being called DUFFER, DUNDERHEAD, THICKHEAD with no future in front of them.

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