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Real Learn is Asia’s first Real Life skill based learning platform. Skill based means you learn what matters in REAL LIFE. 

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What is skill based learning?

The learning that helps you grow in life and open immense possiblities for future.

It makes you world ready. It is about making you visionary towards your future.

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Done in one go


8th to 12th classes


State Boards

Use in Real Life

For All classes

Skills that pay you

Real Data & Insights

Real Project

One Topic Courses

  • 2H class
  • 10th to 12th classes
  • NCERT Topics
  • All Boards

Just you and me

  • 8th to 12th classes
  • CBSE
  • State Boards

Eliminating fundamental flaws of Traditional School Education System

Students & parents reviews

“We all accuse our education system for failing us. I am glad that I came across this amazing website who not only covers sylllabus but also provide real life use of concepts”​

Deeksha Mahajan,11th

“The cost factor is fascinating that I got practical learning with real life concepts. phd teachers, at the 1/10th of the cost I was paying before”

Rajni, 11th

“Awesome, at last someone has come up with this unique idea of practical learning and I love the way they go so deep on concepts.”

Aman, 10th

“Best part is that they ask our requirements in details and provide the same curated learning experience designed specially for the children with Phd teachers what else I need!​

Kiran's Father


Learning with Real World Problems


Cost lowest in the World


Learn from PhDs

No Idea What School is Teaching?

You think practical learning is costly?

Are you still stuck with old school learning?

Do you even know the teacher you are learning from?

Memorizing theories all day long?

Are you frustrated that your teacher doesn’t understand you?

Getting marks but still you have no idea what you are learning?

Real Education for Real World

Real Life learning

Memorizing stuff cannot make you world class, real life learning does!


Time to upgrade from philosophy to information and we do it best with case studies!

Lowest Pricing

Pricing shouldn't be the hurdle to futuristic learning and it will not be with us!

Basic to elite level with AI driven and prepared by PhDs with real life learnings!


NCERT solutions with in depth learning for CBSE and STATE Boards.


Say bye bye to theories and memorising stuff. With NCERT solutions and tests.



Join us to make a history!

We understand that grades with no knowledge can make you suffer in future.

We provide the real life learning experience with the best in the world teachers.

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Assured Results

All Indian Boards

6th to 10th, all subjects with monthly charges. No advanced full year payments.


We are a team of Ph. D. teachers and all the courses diplayed on Real Learn are curated by Researchers and scientists only.


We are creating history here! No more theory . We teach you the real life applications of all the topics.


We are on a mission to connect everyone with e-learning at the lowest cost possible with world-class preactical learning.

Study the way you want!

Ace your Exams with Real Learn at the cost of one burger per day!

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Creating a History!

We started this company to tackle the problems of the Indian Education system. We always try to blame our education system and still we do nothing. We examined the problem from the core and now developing the solution with cutting-edge technology like AI, machine learning and teaching from the Industry best PhD scholars, researchers and scientists.

Our Vision

Who We Are

Real Learn is a Real-life based learning platform which is eliminating the understanding gap with Cutting edge technology and world class learning experts.

The question you need to ask your self is the teacher you are learning are the one you really know? 

We are a group of gihly enthusiastic people who wants to make an impact in people’s lives. We are developing a learning system to tackle the problems of theoretical learning.

Theories do not work today!

Our mission is to make you future warrior who knows understand and will excel in the world.

We are going to do it by connecting everyone with e-learning at the lowest cost possible with world-class learnings.


Trusted by Hundreds of Students

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Features of Our Courses

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We provide you real life rich learning with our courses

Best Industry Leaders

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Currenly, the courses are in mixed (Hindi and English).

Yes, you can take more than one course at a time.

We will be providing recorded lectures, live classes, doubt sessions, one-on-one interaction sessions, live tests, subjective and objective tests, etc.

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